AKIRA: Kaneda’s Bike Model – Pictures

1268160307-FIG-IPN-0882This just showed up on the blog of the Japanese Figure & Hobby webshop Amiami: Kaneda’s Motorbike as known from AKIRA.

Release is set for the end of March and the model can already be preordered in the shop.

According to the review, the item is better than perfect. Keeping in mind they wanna sell the thing, apart from all the praise the information provided is:
* Product is still in production stage so the final look might differ from what you see in the pictures. Just as the stickers shown further down, subject to change.
* The cowl is removable: it uncovers a well-detailed engine as well as dampers, which themselves are pressure sensitive i.e. work like real ones.
* The front wheel is attached magnetically, thus can be taken on and off without hassle.
* Glows in the dark! Not, but has electric LEDs attached to it. They illuminate five spots on the machine: Wheels, blinkers, head- and tail lights as well as the center console. You can turn it on and off using a switch on the back.
* The engine is actually moving. According to plans, the original motor sound shall also be heard. On top of that it will be attachable to external speakers so you can hear the blast at high volumes and high sound quality.

See for yourself at http://www.blog.amiami.com/amiblo/2010/03/234.html