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Akihabara gearing up for new Pedestrian Paradise

Been over two years coming, but Akihabara’s Pedestrian Paradise is back this Sunday. It will be held every Sunday from 13:00 to 17:00 until the end of March, and then from 13:00 to 18:00 until the end of June. It is on a trial basis, so expect lots of anxious police and surveillance. Rules explicitly stipulate 1) no selling stuff on the street, 2) no performances, 3) no bicycles and 4) no passing out tissues or fliers. Rule number two might be a little discouraging for some visitors, as it means no cosplay, no idols, no jugglers, etc. Street performances … Read the rest

Akihabara Tour Information & Registration

The members of Otaku2 are the originators of the first regular English-language walking tour of Akihabara, offered continuously since 2007. Akihabara, Tokyo’s world famous Electric Town and seat of “otaku” hardcore fan culture, has changed a lot the last few years, but Otaku2 is an international cooperative here to guide visitors through it. Together we have roamed every inch of Akihabara and can’t wait to share its secrets. The tour is an interactive way to learn the local history, language and culture, and we hope it will open a deeper dialogue among otaku the world over!Alumni of the tour include
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