‘King of Thorn’ film suffers from game-like delivery

“King of Thorn” (いばらの王) was one of the films that caught my eye at TAF 2010. The visual, soundtrack and story all looked great, and so I was in line to see it opening night, May 1. While the movie delivers in the style department, it fails to be compelling due to problems with plot and character development.


Without getting into too much detail, “King of Thorn” is basically a sci-fi survivor story. A mortal disease called the Medusa virus is running rampant on a global scale, and the fate of humanity looks grime. Once infected, the patient … Read the rest

Haruhi gum!


Lotte’s new ACUO gum ad campaign features the girls of “Suzumiya Haruhi.” Naturally, I snapped a picture of the sign on the train. I noticed that Nagato, who has been on my mind since I watched the Haruhi movie, is dressed as a cat. This bothered me, because I just figured that they were abusing her image and forcing cute in the advert to sell product. Then I came home and saw the CM on TV. Brilliant. Cat mystery all cleared up, and Nagato is seriously cute. I bought five packs of ACUO today…. I feel somehow dirty and … Read the rest

AKIRA: Kaneda’s Bike Model – Pictures

1268160307-FIG-IPN-0882This just showed up on the blog of the Japanese Figure & Hobby webshop Amiami: Kaneda’s Motorbike as known from AKIRA.

Release is set for the end of March and the model can already be preordered in the shop.

According to the review, the item is better than perfect. Keeping in mind they wanna sell the thing, apart from all the praise the information provided is:
* Product is still in production stage so the final look might differ from what you see in the pictures. Just as the stickers shown further down, subject to change.
* The … Read the rest

Kaiju/Musume Event in Akihabara



In the heartland of anime, manga and games, Akihabara, Schatz Kiste is a maid cafe dedicated to spreading Akihabara’s culture to Japan and the world. And now, indie soft vinyl kaiju are invading!

Kaiju and Cute Girls
Shock and Moe
Old-School Japan and Modern Akiba
3D and 2D

What will happen when these elements come together? The only thing guaranteed is that it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss!

1266730933-KaijuMaid 1266731018-KaijuMusume

Featured creators will be bringing new original figures for display and sale, and original photography and illustrations featuring a blend of Kaiju and Akiba culture will be on display. … Read the rest

‘Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya’ near perfect film


The wait is over. “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya” (涼宮ハルヒの消失), the first movie in the phenomenal animated series, started its Japan run on February 6. The second season of ”The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” caused quite a ruckus when Kyoto Animation decided to repeat the sequence of “The Endless Eight” for eight episodes. In their defense, the animation was not recycled, and they were attempting a grand experiment with viewers’ perception of time. There was a true feeling of helplessness as those episodes repeated relentlessly week after week. However, fan response was mixed. If anything is going to redeem

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Otaku2 Interview: Kageyama Hironobu

PG: What are your hobbies?
KH: Riding my bike and collecting acoustic guitars. I love acoustic guitars, and when I
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Women’s magazine An-an features moe

This past week, weekly women’s magazine “An-an” featured a huge story on moe. We are talking 11 pages, the second largest story in the entire January 20 issue. While “Vogue” did something similar – manga and dolls as fashion – introducing moe into the mainstream domestic fashion vocabulary is an interesting move.

The article attempts to explain moe as experienced by women. The definition is actually good: Not a preference or type, but it a strange feeling you get in response to bearing or clothing. This is not love, because it has nothing to do with any real partner, and … Read the rest

Akihabara Tour Information & Registration

The members of Otaku2 are the originators of the first regular English-language walking tour of Akihabara, offered continuously since 2007. Akihabara, Tokyo’s world famous Electric Town and seat of “otaku” hardcore fan culture, has changed a lot the last few years, but Otaku2 is an international cooperative here to guide visitors through it. Together we have roamed every inch of Akihabara and can’t wait to share its secrets. The tour is an interactive way to learn the local history, language and culture, and we hope it will open a deeper dialogue among otaku the world over!Alumni of the tour include
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Pikachu girl

pikachu girl

Just saw this over at Temple University Japan, where I sometimes do guest lectures. Maybe I might join the Manga Club, too! Any thoughts on the quality of this Pikachu girl? I want to know up front if I am out of my league drawing wise…


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