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LuxNET公司是将存入银行智能软件(FI)、科研顾及领袖。复杂将存入银行兼并做成某事LaCuNET, 片面预算, 新的技术和思想被用于传闻和将存入银行实地的。,以其设定, 建模和清晰度是特点。 所其中的一部分receive 接收都因为LuxNET.将存入银行 OLAP Server,ETL技术因为其本身的合意的人零碎。,穿插零碎做成某事详细地集团公司、穿插记述、多孔径能解决传闻、片面预算能解决盘问与多维消息辨析。

Who we are?

Founded in 1999, LucaNet AG has now been providing software and consulting to support its customers with financial consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis for more than 15 年。 In line with our company motto, “Simply intelligent”, we provide intelligent and intuitive software solutions based on pioneering 技术。

Beyond a corporate performance management software for accounting, we also provide comprehensive training and expert consulting to ensure you get the most out of our 器。 Our interdisciplinary approach ensures we are always up to date on the latest regulatory requirements and in the best position to liaise with auditors on your 代表。

Welcome to browse our company website: www.lucanet.cn


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